Pyaar Ke Side Effects (2006)

I don’t know why I didn’t come across with this movie before. I only found out about it when I saw the news about Shaadi Ke Side Effects which will be Pyaar Ke Side Effects‘ sequel.

From the very first minute, I liked it. I think it starts very fast and catches our attention very skillfully.

It’s a very clever movie which shows a relationship from the man’s side. Especially for a woman, it is so much fun and interesting to see a man’s approach to things happening in a usual relashionship. Even though you don’t always think he is right, it gives a funny inside story. From the men’s side, I don’t know how real the hero’s thoughts, feelings and stages he goes through but it seemed pretty realistic to me.

The characters, Sid (Rahul Bose) and Trisha (Mallika Sherawat) are very sympathetic. I felt a bit disappointed when I heard that they are looking for new actors and actresses for the 2nd movie Shaadi Ke Side Effects because these two were quite good in the first movie, without any overacting.

The movie starts from the middle of the story with a crucial quarrel the couple have about marriage. After that, we travel back to past to see how things have started and come to this point in their relationship. Especially this part is very good with the comments Sid does in between the scenes.

I suggest you add this movie in your “to watch” list as it is an example of a good quality romantic-comedy Bollywood movie. And if you like it as I did, let me know when Shaadi Ke Side Effect comes to cinemas :)


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