Agent Vinod (2012)

Agent Vinod is the first Bollywood agent movie I’ve ever seen so it was an interesting experience. I should admit that I was waiting for something more creative but Agent Vinod makes you think that you watch an Indian version of a James Bond movie and unfortunately it can’t compete with the original.

It definitely is a movie made for men. Not much to catch girls’ attention if they are not a fan of Saif Ali Khan. It is quite a typical agent movie so it has all the clichés it should have.

First of all, it starts in Afghanistan, continues in Riga, Morocco and Moscow. Maybe not Riga but the others are usually the cities which take place in agent movies. I was expecting to see Istanbul at some point but it is somehow missed.

Other than that, there are also usual elements taking place in the movie like sexy girls and a bomb to be disarmed. Actually bomb is the thing which our hero is after throughout the movie however we sometimes loose focus on that. The scenes are not always well connected so you may find yourself asking “Who was this?” or “So why does he do that?” type of questions.

Car chasing scenes are filmed quite good and fighting moves are rather realistic when you compare it to the old Indian action movies. But it somehow comes to India-Pakistan relations towards the end.

Agent Vinod might remind you James Bond at first glance only his style is not that good or his manners. Still Saif Ali Khan makes it look cute since he is one of the handsome Bollywood actors.

There are 2 songs in the soundtrack I strongly recommend you to listen: Pungi and Raabta. There are many versions of the song Raabta but I like the version by Shreya Ghoshal. Pungi is a funny and moving song. If you listen to it on your way to work in metro or train, you put serious effort into not moving your shoulders a bit.

So to sum up, I think that you got my slightly negative tone about the movie. I didn’t see what I expected after all that promotion. I’m curious about what you think, so let me know if you have a chance to watch it.


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