Dangerous Ishhq (2012)

As soon as you see the movie poster, it makes you think that Dangerous Ishhq is a physiological thriller or a mysterious story which also includes an element of love. It tries to be an interesting one but I’m not sure if it accomplishes its purpose…

Before I watched the movie, I knew that Karisma Kapoor used to be a well-known actress in late 90s. She didn’t take part in the movies after she got married, she is sister of one of my favorite actresses Kareena Kapoor. So I had high expectations, I was waiting for something out of the ordinary but it didn’t turn out to be that way…

The movie starts in a fashion show. We see supermodel Sanjana walking down the catwalk as the top model who even gets an offer to work in Paris for one year. She has a young, handsome (?) boyfriend called Rohan and a very good friend who are both there to support her. She decides to turn back the job offer in Paris and chooses to stay in India and get married to her sweetheart. But their happiness does’t remain very long, Sanjana finds herself in a hospital after they have an attack to their home and her boyfriend Rohan is kidnapped.
She suffers a lot with the lost of Rohan and has vision of him being injured. But the strange thing about it is that she sees different environment and hears Rohan call her with a different name. Later in the movie, we understand that she goes back to her past lives, yes right, not just one but 3 of them and tries to find who kidnapped Rohan. As she goes back to her past lives, we start to see that this couple has been together for more than one lifetime and Rohan being kidnapped is linked to their past lives problems.
As soon as you start watching the movie, it gives you the impression that it’s from 90s. It might be the idea of keeping the same feeling when Karisma was famous. Maybe they thought that this nostalgic approach would be successful again in 2012 but I think it doesn’t work, at all…
The acting is too dramatic and the movie doesn’t go smoothly. There is not a real climax of the movie. I put a serious effort to finish it, it is not as catchy as it promises with its poster and its name.
Karisma Kapoor keeps running around with her high heels and even gets involved in very dangerous situations with the police chasing Rohan which is not realistic at all. If you have lot of free time and you don’t know what to do with it, then you can watch this movie. Otherwise, I say don’t bother!

3 thoughts on “Dangerous Ishhq (2012)

  1. yeah the trailer promised more than the movie delivered. I was disappointed too. I am always happy to see movie stars that have been out of sight go for a comeback. but this movie wasn’t the right vehicle for Karisma. Her acting felt stiff and staged, the script was over the top.
    I hope Preity will have more luck with her Ishq in Paris…

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