Agneepath (2012)

If you are not really into the new style Bollywood, if all you need is a classical drama by well-known actors and actresses, Agneepath is the movie you are looking for!

I heard “Agneepath” for the first time in the movie “Jab We Met“. Geet was making fun of Aditya’s attitude while walking around the streets of Ratlam, saying “Are you Bachchan‘s fan? Angry young man?….Agneepath! Agneetpath”. That time I was curious so I did a mini search about the movie and learnt about the cast, the plot… Then I forgot all about it.

When I saw the news about re-make of Agneepath being released in January 2012 and saw that Hrithik Roshan was the new “Vijay“, I thought for a moment if he could really be the angry young man that this movie required with his rather elegant and cool look. But after I watch the movie I thought he was good.

Agneepath is simply the story of a son who is seeking revenge for his father’s murder. Vijay is the son of the school master in small island Mandwa. His father is a very good man, trying to help the people of the village. However, there is also Kancha who is our antagonist. (Sanjay Dutt reminds me of Bruce Willis in this movie, what do you think?) His plan is to get people’s fields in the village to plant coca plants and sell cocaine to Mumbai. Because Vijay’s father blocks his way, trying to warn people in the village, he finds a way to murder him with approval of the village people. Vijay waits 15 years to take his revenge sacrificing many things in his life.

I liked Agneepath because it gives me everything I need from a classical Bollywood drama. First of all, beside Hrithik Roshan and Sanjay Dutt, cast is all familiar faces like Priyanka Chopra, Om Puri, Rishi Kapoor etc… There is even a part which Katrina Kaif dances with the song “Chikni Chameli” as the guest star. The scenery is beautiful, dancing parts are very rich with many dancers. The story is epic, it reminded me of Devdas.

One negative comment about the movie: It is very long! It took me 3 hours to watch it. So as soon as you have a 3-hour break from life, I say watch Agneepath!


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