Ek Tha Tiger (2012)

After hearing that Ek Tha Tiger is one of the highest grossing films of all time in Bollywood, I was so impatient about watching the movie. But as I was watching it, I thought I would give it 3 at most out of 5. And it is mostly because of the places the movie takes us to.

It is mainly an action movie with elements of romance and thrill in it. Romance is not overdose so if you are not looking for emotions, you won’t get tired with endless romantic scenes in this movie.

We first meet the hero, code name Tiger, in Iraq on a mission. He works for RAW (Research and Analysis Wing) of India as a spy and we are immediately convinced that he is a tough, clever, 1st class spy with the unrealistic fight scene. He works hard and he doesn’t have a place in his heart for a special person until…

He get a mission in Dublin to observe a professor (originally from India) who is suspected to share his research findings with Pakistan.  He thinks the best way to access professor is to get close to his care taker Zoya (Katrina Kaif) who happens to be a charming young woman. On his way to getting close to her, as expected, he falls in love with her.

But we understand that Tiger is not a lucky man. After spending all those years just working and without somebody on his side, this woman who he falls in love with is not just the best match. I won’t say much about the rest since I take into account that you might not have seen the movie yet.

We see different cities in the movie, Dublin, Istanbul and Havana. My favorite was Istanbul, many good places take part in the movie like bridges, Bosporus and palaces, nearly for half an hour. In two scenes, Salman Khan even speaks Turkish, his accent was quite good I should admit.

And the Havana part was like a dream… Colors, places, everything was so beautiful, I felt jealous, I wanted to be there.

The action parts were rather unrealistic but it didn’t bother me much. I felt curious and wondered what creative move would I see next, so it kept my attention. But I wouldn’t say that you should definitely watch it. As I said  at the beginning, in my opinion it just gets 3 out of 5.


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