Rowdy Rathore (2012)

Rowdy Rathore is an action movie capsuled in absurd comedy. It’s the type of comedy which I usually see in Akshay Kumar‘s recent movies and I think it kind of looks sweet on him.

The movie starts on the streets of Mumbai introducing us the clever thief Shiva. First things we learn about him are that he is very good at tricking people and he hates kids. He immediately falls in love with Paro as soon as he sees her on the street. He does his best and convince her to be with him even after Paro learns Shiva is a thief. Shiva promises that he will stay away from stealing and start a decent life for her. But he decides to do a one last theft which will help him build his new life.

He steals a large wooden box in the train station dreaming that he will find treasure in it. But what he finds in it definitely suprises him, a small girl called Chinki, calling him dad.

Along with the story of Shiva, we also see another man who looks exactly like Shiva but called Vikram Rathore. He fights rigorously with many men at the same time. He beats and makes everybody regret that they met him.

After finding Chinki in the wooden box, Shiva loses Paro and weird things start happening to him. Some people follow him and try to beat him, kill him even. He doesn’t understand much about what’s going on but he figures out that this is something related to the girl he found. Later on, he realises that he looks just  likeVikram Rathore when he comes across with him during a fight while running away from some angry guys, trying to save Chinki.

It took me nearly an hour to figure out what’s really happening in the movie and how they are connected to each other, maybe it is just me, I was slow, I don’t know… However I quite enjoyed the “action parts” when it goes from slow motion to faster. They were nothing near to the term realistic but it was fun.

I should also say a couple of things about the song “Chinta Ta Ta Chita Chita” in which you will see a couple of famous faces you will remember from other movies. There is not much special about it but it somehow keeps going on and on in your head after you listen to it. Kareena Kapoor and Vijay are the guest celebrities dancing with Akshay Kumar.

To sum up, you can watch it if you like Akshay-style action+comedy or not, it won’t be a life changing decision. This movie is between 2.5 and 3 out of 5 for me.


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