Cocktail (2012)

Cocktail 2012 Film Poster

Cocktail is a strange movie; I’m not sure how to rate it or not even sure if I liked it…

It starts as a usual Bollywood movie which takes place in London. Usually these movies that take place outside India shows us “young and modern Indian people” that the guys are very flirty, hoping from one girlfriend to another and the girls are very cool with mini skirts, revealing tops and most importantly quite direct in flirting and relationships.

Veronica (Deepika Padukone) is an outgoing, beautiful, rich, party girl who meets Meera (Diana Penty) in a toilet.  Meera is a traditional girl who comes to London after her husband but she quickly understands that her marriage is not real and she has to survive on her own if she doesn’t want to go back. They suddenly become friends and start living in Veronica’s house. They support each other and become very good friends.

In the meantime, Veronica meets Gautam (Saif Ali Khan) and they start an easy-going relationship . As the audience, we don’t have a clue if this is as serious, valuable  relationship for them or it is just for fun until the second part of the movie.

It is simply a love triangle movie. Nothing special about the first part but the second part gets somehow interesting, giving some depth to the characters and feelings they go through. I would like the movie more if I only watched the second part but the first part is simply 5.5 out of 10 at most.

By the way,somebody should Saif Ali Khan that he doesn’t look good in no-manners, happy, flirty boy roles… I don’t know if it is his face or what but, he definitely needs a cool attitude to go with his look otherwise he looks a bit peasanty.

To sum up: If you are a busy Bollywood fan, don’t bother watching it. Doesn’t say much about relationships, friendships or life in general. Above all, it is not that funny so do not hesitate, just go for another movie…


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