Ranbir Kapoor Interview on TBIP Tête-à-Tête

It might be old news for you already but I just came across with Ranbir Kapoor‘s interview the other day on The Big Indian Picture (an online magazine on cinema) and I really enjoyed watching it.

The series of interviews are called “TBIP Tête-à-Tête” by Pragya Tiwari. I haven’t had the chance to watch the other interviews yet but the one with Ranbir Kapoor was good according to me because its style was totally different than the usual interviews.

Pragya Tiwari conducts the interview in a very peaceful and sensible way; nothing crazy happening, not much movement, no crazy costumes, no stupid jokes but two people talking calmly about the guest’s personal and professional life without any tricky questions or unnecessary comments.

The interview went online in September 2012 and it’s nearly 1 hour long. You can visit TBIP’s website and watch the interview there or you might like to subscribe to their Youtube Channel TBIP1 to hear more about what’s happening.


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