OMG Oh My God! (2012)

OMG Oh My God Movie PosterWhat do you believe in? 

Oh My God had been in my “to-watch list” for sometime but the poster of it didn’t appeal to me much. I thought that it most probably was another cheesy comedy movie but hey it was only 2 hours long. (Could be even considered as a shorter movie in Bollywood terms) So I decided spending (or wasting?) my 2 hours watching it last Sunday. Well, I quickly realized that I was wrong… Not about watching it but thinking it was cheesy…

It is the story of a shop owner in Chor Bazaar, Mumbai who sues God for destroying his shop with an earthquake. Kanji Lalji Mehta is not a believer to start with but also he takes advantage of the “religious” people who believe in and practice all the rituals of the religion. (This movie takes place in India, that’s why we  mostly see the rituals of Hinduism.)

After he loses his shop because of the earthquake Kanji goes to insurance company but they don’t want to pay out because earthquake is “act of God” and it isn’t covered in the insurance. After that point everything starts going downward and Kanji only finds the solution in suing God since the problems are caused by act of God. As soon as he understands that he can not directly sue God because he doesn’t know the address to send the legal notice, he chooses temples as the opponent for his case.

I should admit that the presentation of religious rituals and the gurus etc. were a bit caricaturised to make sure that people get the point. This also makes us feel more close to Kanji emotionally because we think that he might not be the perfect man but he has a point.

Oh My God might look to you like a light-hearted movie  at first glance however it gives some serious messages and make you re-think about your beliefs and the way you practice them. According to me Oh My God is definitely a must-see from 2012.


Barfi! (2012)

Barfi! Movie PosterDid you know that Barfi is name of a sweet from India made with condensed milk and sugar? :)

Barfi! is a movie I was waiting to watch desperately  from the very first moment I heard about it. As usual, the songs were introduced first and I thought they were quite different from the typical Bollywood soundtracks. Plus there were Ranbir Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra in it. Then, I didn’t know anything about Ileana. Barfi has became one of the  highest-grossing Bollywood films of all time and also is the India’s official entry to the Academy Awards 2013.

You’ve most probably noticed already that Ranbir Kapoor mostly takes part in movies which are somewhat different from the common trend. They are not so different; so it doesn’t make it difficult for you to relate but also not so similar and you find a glimpse of marginality wrapped up in mischief and sweetness. So he might be quite a weirdo in Rockstar or somewhat bizarre in Ajab Prem ki Ghazab Kahani, but you still like the character he presents. Even thought he doesn’t shine dazzlingly in ordinary Bollywood-type hero roles, he has certain charms which make us love and accept his strange character in this movie.

Priyanka Chopra performs just great! When we look back to her career, we see she has started as Miss World 2000. Then she has received National Film Award for Best Actress and Filmfare Awards in four different categories. When I watched “What’s Your Raashee?” I thought she was putting on real effort to advance her acting. Even though the movie was quite boring, she was praised by the critics for her performance. In Barfi!, I admired PC’s performance as an autistic girl. There is no over-acting which is the usual problem in these kind of movies.

Ileana D’Cruz is very new to me so I don’t have much to say about her yet. I think she is famous in Telugu cinema but I haven’t had a chance yet to watch any Telugu movies.

About the script, my first comment would be that it is quite complicated with going back and forth in time. There are 3 time periods we visit, present day, 1972 and 1978. It is obviously easier to differentiate between present day and past because we see the characters in their older and younger versions. (Have you realized in some scenes, quite old Shruti has very young hands? ;) ) But it took me sometime to realize that it changed to 1978 from 1972 and back, then I found a clue. Ileana’s costume totally changes; when she acts as a married woman, she leaves the trousers and goes to wearing traditional sari.

I don’t feel like talking about the movie’s script this time. Because it is not really about the script in Barfi, there is something more about it. Watching the movie and listening to it songs give a positive feeling somehow. Barfi is young, mischievous, full of life and fun to be around. So as it says in the trailer, be charming, be loved, be crazy, be in love… with Barfi! :)

Housefull 2 (2012)

When I first saw the movie, I thought that the cast is superb.  I mean you don’t expect much from the movie; it doesn’t talk about any social problems in India or  change your life but it is kind of fun to watch Akshay Kumar, John Abraham and Ritesh Deshmukh together with the girls Asin and Jacqueline Fernandez.

This is a classical Bollywood comedy, no doubt… We know most of  the cast from other movies. It starts in a circus, 2 cousins fighting each other over animal rights. After that, we learn the families of the girls also fight because their fathers, Chintu and Dabboo are step-brothers and both are not happy about the situation. They live next to each other and keep fighting in every possible occasion.

They take the fight to a different level when the fathers want to find the richest husband for their daughters. They work with the same marriage counsellor and the counsellor finds Jai (Shreyas Talpade) for Chintu’s daughter. While Jai’s ill father and mother visit the family to talk about the marriage, Chintu interprets something wrong and starts shouting. This makes Jai’s father very ill, he ends up in hospital. Jai learns what happened and he decides to get revenge of his father. And the story starts then…

One thing leads to another and things get so complicated to tell here in details. So if you are so determined about reading the full plot, click the Wikipedia link below because I won’t be able to tell it… It is basically a situation comedy, quite simple in terms of jokes, plot and characters but I enjoyed watching it.

The flighting scenes are so long. I usually like watching them and maybe it is what Bollywood fans ask for but these were still a bit too long for a reasonable attention span…

Also the ending gets too long, at one point you forget that you watched a 2-hour part already and they have to sum up eventually.

In general, as you can guess, Housefull 2 is not a movie to archive but it is still fun to watch. Especially if you thought you liked the previous comedy movies of Akshay Kumar, John Abraham or Ritesh Deshmukh, you won’t be disappointed.

Rowdy Rathore (2012)

Rowdy Rathore is an action movie capsuled in absurd comedy. It’s the type of comedy which I usually see in Akshay Kumar‘s recent movies and I think it kind of looks sweet on him.

The movie starts on the streets of Mumbai introducing us the clever thief Shiva. First things we learn about him are that he is very good at tricking people and he hates kids. He immediately falls in love with Paro as soon as he sees her on the street. He does his best and convince her to be with him even after Paro learns Shiva is a thief. Shiva promises that he will stay away from stealing and start a decent life for her. But he decides to do a one last theft which will help him build his new life.

He steals a large wooden box in the train station dreaming that he will find treasure in it. But what he finds in it definitely suprises him, a small girl called Chinki, calling him dad.

Along with the story of Shiva, we also see another man who looks exactly like Shiva but called Vikram Rathore. He fights rigorously with many men at the same time. He beats and makes everybody regret that they met him.

After finding Chinki in the wooden box, Shiva loses Paro and weird things start happening to him. Some people follow him and try to beat him, kill him even. He doesn’t understand much about what’s going on but he figures out that this is something related to the girl he found. Later on, he realises that he looks just  likeVikram Rathore when he comes across with him during a fight while running away from some angry guys, trying to save Chinki.

It took me nearly an hour to figure out what’s really happening in the movie and how they are connected to each other, maybe it is just me, I was slow, I don’t know… However I quite enjoyed the “action parts” when it goes from slow motion to faster. They were nothing near to the term realistic but it was fun.

I should also say a couple of things about the song “Chinta Ta Ta Chita Chita” in which you will see a couple of famous faces you will remember from other movies. There is not much special about it but it somehow keeps going on and on in your head after you listen to it. Kareena Kapoor and Vijay are the guest celebrities dancing with Akshay Kumar.

To sum up, you can watch it if you like Akshay-style action+comedy or not, it won’t be a life changing decision. This movie is between 2.5 and 3 out of 5 for me.