Aao Milo Chalo – Jab We Met


Jab We Met (2007)

 Jab We Met is the first Bollywood romantic comedy I watched and it still remains as my favorite.

It is a typical love story: A beautiful, lively young woman and a wealthy, good looking young man meet in a strange way. They go through unexpected adventures together and this builds a connection they won’t be able to leave behind after they part.

It is quite typical and simple in terms of the story, but what makes it very sweet is the characters. Especially Geet, a witty, young Punjabi woman suited Kareena Kapoor so well, you immediately fall in love with her energy and positive mood. She sees life as her playground, she is confident, happy and everything else that woman would like to be :)

Aditya (Shahid Kapoor) is the perfect man you can ever think of; good looking, well-educated, wealthy, polite, good at hearth, thoughtful who might need a bit support to feel good again though and Geet comes to scene at that very moment ^^;;

This might not be a man’s preferred movie, it rather falls into ‘women’s favorite’ category but it won’t certainly bore men to death like some other ‘girly’ movies do :p

For girls, I think it’s a sweet love story. It makes you think that there are still knights in shining armors to come and save you when things go terribly wrong, life is fun and you always reach the happy ending even though it seems pretty hopeless on the way. The best thing is that there might be Adityas waiting if we survive and get over Anshumans ;)